Deeper Down

Album: The Last Dream Arms (2018)

Song: The time road

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Deeper Down originate from the blend of various music genres including Doom and Gothic Metal, where decadent atmospheres are harmonized by melodic and heavier rhythmics entwined. The idea for this project was born from Giuseppe many years ago and with the help of Luca and Alessandro it has materialized in the first work "The last dream arms", where the band completed its official line up and started to prepare future live gigs and new pieces.
In February 2018 the band signed with the label Hellbones Records for the Italian distribution and began to promote the first work "The last dream arms".

The Last Dream Arms
Light and shadow play along the path of time, night and day struggle for the last moment given by the sun, while the pained gazes of the Earth dwellers await the long-sought peace, which slow traverses the hidden corners of their minds.

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